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About Us
About Us

Iu-Mien Community Services
(formally known as United Iu-Mien Community, Inc.)

Mission Statement

The mission of our organization is to support and develop healthy Iu-Mien families and communities through culturally responsive programs and services.

Vision Statement

We envision a thriving Iu-Mien community in which its history is preserved, language is shared, culture is celebrated, and needs and aspirations are fulfilled.

History Prologue by Tony S. Lee, MS/MFTI

During the Vietnam War, the CIA recruited the Iu-Mien people and other mountain tribesmen from Laos to support their effort to prevent the spread of communism. The Mien sacrificed a great deal due to the lost of many friends and family members. Great Mien war heroes and soldiers fought bravely on behalf of their homeland and the United States. After the Fall of Saigon, Communist took power of the mountain regions of Laos and US forces were forced to withdraw from Southeast Asia. Multitudes of Mien and Hmong fled the mountains of Laos to refugee camps in Thailand and Vietnam to escape communist rule and persecution.

From 1976-1979, the first wave of Mien families arrived in the United States. The second wave of resettlement began when the Federal Refugee Resettlement Program was instituted with the Refugee Act of 1980. The Mien resettled throughout the U.S. and other countries throughout the world.

In the late 80s and early 90s the Iu-Mien community of Sacramento recognized that there was a need to bridge the communication gap throughout all communities because of language barriers, cultural differences, and social problems. Therefore, an agency was needed.

In 1994 the Iu-Mien Community Services Board of Directors was formed. In 2001, Iu-Mien Community Services achieved non-profit status; Shortly thereafter in 2002, the California Endowment funded a grant to launch the Iu-Mien Community Services private non-profit agency in the Greater Sacramento Area. As a result, on February 21, 2003, the Iu-Mien Community Services, office opened its doors to serve the Iu-Mien population. On May 10, 2003, a Grand Opening Celebration was held to officially announce the opening of the new agency.

Today, Iu-Mien Community Services, provides educational, health, and social services to more than 15,000 Iu-Mien people in the greater Sacramento area. We welcome and appreciate private and public donations to further develop and implement programs and services for the betterment of the Iu-Mien people.

New Name: Has been in development for over 1 year. Suggested by our late lead program coordinator, Brian Saechao, who was very passionate about advancing the Mien community. He believed the new name better describes the organization as a whole. This is in honor of him that we change the agency’s name to Iu-Mien Community Services.

New Logo: With a new name, we felt it was also time for a new face that will represent the Iu-Mien Community. Our new logo was designed by Diana Lee. A graphic design major, graduate of CSUS. Currently working as assistant graphic designer at California Family Fitness. She has spent many hours on researching the Mien culture and has designed a new logo that represents the Mien community. We are grateful for her generous time she has spent designing the logo.

Logo description:
“Lomh Zeuv” Cat Design
This is an embroidery pattern that is most commonly used in a lot of Mien clothing. It has been abstracted and designed in a way to show a sense of dimensionality. It can also be seen as an overlapping and entwining of cultures, i.e. Mien and American culture. It is a pattern that is most recognized within the Mien community as well.

Short Documentary: Our Journey

More information: Iu-Mien History


IMSC 17 Flyer

IMSC 17 Achievement Scholarship

IMSC 17 Jimmy Phanh Memorial Scholarship

IMSC 17 Health Scholarship

IMSC 17 Hero Artist Scholarship

Iu-Mien Language Books

Petition: Making Iu-Mien Lives Count!

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Please specify which program or service you would like to donate to:
  • Iu-Mien Senior Social Group
  • Iu-Mien Student Conference
  • Mien Literacy Classes
  • Family Violence Prevention & Mediation
  • Case Management Services
  • Mien Language Interpreting Services