Iu-Mien Embroidery/Congx Congx

Brief History

Congx congx is the word for traditional Iu-Mien embroidery; literally translating to "Sew, sew". This tradition is passed down from Mother to Daughter as early as 7 years of age. Originally, Iu-Mien embroidery was a necessity to create clothing for daily use and for special occasions. Today, congx congx is a lost art for the Iu-Mien in America. There is no need to make clothing when you can buy western clothes. In addition, congx congx is a very time consuming craft, often taking months just to make a single outfit, which there is not time for in the working western world. Mostly all Iu-Mien women over the age of 30 in the U.S. have been taught by their mothers. Whether they are beginners or experts depends on how long they have continued with their craft. For the most part, most have given up the skill. Unfortnuately, Iu-Mien girls today are not taught congx congx, which has contributed to the lost art form.

Quick Facts
  • Used to make clothing
  • Status - the more elaborate the designs the higher financial status of that individual/family
  • Helps distinguish which area or group they are from
  • Having this skillset made a women a marketable and neat bride
  • Girls are taught at young age (~7 years old)
  • Bartered or trade services for clothing with embroidery
  • Influences from different cultures
  • In USA mainly worn during weddings, new year celebration, or funerals when being buried

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