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IMSC Past Committees

IMSC I - Hope For The Future....
Fouding Committee (1999)
1. Chiem-Seng Yaangh, Chair
2. Jimmy Phanh, Vice-Chair
3. Kristi Saechao, Vice-Chair
4. Steven T. Saechao, Secretary
5. Giam S, Chao, Treasurer
6. Sunny Chin, Volunteer Coordinator
7. Hach Yasumura, Advisor

IMSC II - Take A Stand, The Future Is Yours
Committee (1999-2000)
1. Chiem-Seng Yaangh, Chair
2. Jimmy Phanh, Vice-Chair
3. Kristi Saechao, Vice-Chair
4. Muey Ching Saephan, Secretary
5. Fahm F. Saeteurn, Student Program
6. Giam S. Chao, Fund Development
7. Sunny Chin, Volunteer Coordinator
8. Linda Saephan, Outreach

IMSC III - Reach For a Better Tomorrow
Committee (2000-2001)
1. Chiem-Seng Yaangh, Chair
2. Stefen Tung, Student Program
3. Koy Saephan, Fund Development
4. Meuy C. Saephan, Entertainment
5. Sunny Chin, Volunteer Coordinator
6. Mai Saephan, School Liasion

IMSC IV - Pathways To Success
Committee (2001-2002)
1. Tony S. Lee, Chair
2. Nai F. Saephan, Vice-Chair
3. Kao I. Saephanh, Student Program
4. Koy Saechao, Secretary
5. Raymond Lee, Parent Program
6. Theresa Saechao, Entertainment

IMSC V - Revelation Through Education
Committee (2002-2003)
1. Fahm F. Saeteurn, Chair
2. Muey Y. Saetern, Vice-Chair
3. Kao I. Saephanh, Administrative
4. Keo Chao, Student Program
5. Xuo Va Saeyang, Secretary
6. Alicia Muang Saechao, Secretary
7. Theresa Saechao, Fund Development
8. William Chao, Fund Development
9. Fam S. Chao, Volunteer Coordinator
10. Chai C. Saetern, Parent Program
11. Ying O. Saephan, Parent Program
12. Raymond Lee, Parent Program

IMSC VI - Education Enlightening Cultural Identity
Committee (2003-2004)
1. Muey Y. Saetern, Chair
2. Brian Tha Saechao, Vice-Chair
3. Fam S. Chao, Fund Development
4. Theresa Saechao, Student Program
5. Kao Sio Saechao, Student Program
6. Gary Saelee, Youth Coordinator
7. Nai Lily Saechao, Youth Coordinator
8. Judy Saechao, Assistant Youth Coordinator
9. Brian Saelee, Cultural Historian
10. Alicia Saechao, Entertainment
11. Xuo Saeyang, Assistant Entertainment

IMSC VII - Envision A Brighter Future!
Committee (2004-2005)
1. Fam S. Chao, Chair
2. Brian Tha Saechao, Vice-Chair
3. Kao Sio Saechao, Fund Development
4. A Sio Saechao, Secretary
5. Kathy Ying Saechao, Finance Director
6. Brian Saelee, Entertainment Coordinator
7. Alison Saelee, Student Program
8. Karen Saechao, Assistant Student Program

IMSC VIII - Unity Through Education
Committee (2005-2006)
1. Fahm Ashlee Saelee, Chair
2. Chai Saevang, Vice-Chair
3. A Sio Saechao, Secretary
4. Theresa Saechao, Parent Program
5. Sou Saephan, Student Program
6. Nai Saeteurn, Assistant Student Program
7. Lo Orn Saechao, Assistant Student Program
8. Lai Naen Saephan, Fund Development
9. Katie Saelee, Entertainment
10. Brian Saelee, Program Assistant

IMSC IX - Inspiring Generations Through Education
Committee (2006-2007)
1. Anthony Saetern, Chair
2. Kao (Brian) Saephan, Vice-Chair
3. Lo Orn Saechao, Vice-Chair
4. Khae Saechao, Secretary
5. Brian Saephanh, Assistant Secretary
6. Scott Saechao, Student Program
7. Nai Saeteurn, Assistant Student Program

IMSC X - Learn It! Share It! Mingh Go! (Go Far!)
Committee (2007-2008)
1. Brian Tha Saechao, Chair
2. Muey Y. Saetern, Vice-Chair
3. A Sio Saechao, Secretary
4. Brian Saephanh, Assistant Secretary
5. Stacy Saechao, Fund Development
6. James Saetern, Assistant Fund Development
7. Nai Saeteurn, Student Program Coordinator
8. Chai Saevang, Parent Program Coodinator
9. Ashlee Saelee, Parent Program Assist. Coordinator
10. Michelle Saeteurn, Program Volunteer
11. Kristie Saechao, Program Volunteer
12. Johnson Saechao, Program Volunteer
13. Chio Saeteurn, Program Volunteer
14. Sean Saevang, Program Volunteer
15. Vanessa Saetern, Program Volunteer
16. Theresa Saechao, Program Volunteer

IMSC XI - Step Up and Give Back
Committee (2008-2009)
1. A Sio Saechao, Chair
2. James Saetern, Co-Vice Chair
3. Cathy Saeteurn, Co-Vice Chair
4. Lo Saetern, Parent Program Director
5. Kirstie Saechao, Student Program Director
6. Chio Saeteurn, Student Program Assist. Director
7. Nai Saeteurn, Student Program Assist. Director
8. Johnson Saeturn, Student Program Assist. Director
9. Brian Saephanh, Secretary I
10. Katy Saevang, Secretary II

IMSC XII - Iu-Mien Aa-me-li-gaa; A Re-Defining Movement!
Committee (2009-2010)
1. Lee Saechao, Chairperson
2. Seng Saechin, Vice-Chairperson
3. Susan Saeteurn, Secretary
4. Andrew Saetern, Fund Development Director
5. Chengwin Saephanh, Parent Program Director
6. Johnson Saeteurn, Student Program Director
7. Sean Saephanh, Student Program Director
8. Joseph Saelee, Entertainment Coordinator
9. Koy Saelee, Public Relations Director
10. Ryan Saelee, Committee Member
11. Kao Saetern, Committee Member
12. San Saeteurn, Committee Member
13. Kirstie Saechao, Committee Member
14. Serena Chao, Committee Member
15. Erick Saephan, Committee Member

IMSC XIII - my LIFE. my STRIFE. my MIENtality.
Committee (2010-2011)
1. Lee Saechao, Co-Chair
2. Koy Saelee, Co-Chair
3. Kao Saetern, Secretary
4. Lo Saephanh, Historian
5. Erica Lee, Public Relations
6. Thaih Saephanh, Workshop Coordinator
7. Johnson Saeturn, Workshop Coordinator
8. Susan Saeturn, Workshop Coordinator
9. Cheng Saephanh, Design Coordinator
10. Chan Saechao, Representative
11. Chai Ta Saechao, Representative

IMSC XIV - comMIENity: Motivate, Inspire & Empower Now!
Committee (2011-2012)
1. Fay Saechao, Co-Chair
2. Crystal Saetern, Co-Chair
3. Koy Saelee, Public Relations Coordinator
4. Khae Saetern, Student Program Coordinator
5. Gary Saelee, Student Program Coordinator
6. Erica Corpuz, Funds Development Coordinator
7. Kao Saetern, Events & Entertainment Coordinator
8. Jenny Saechao, Secretary
9. Lisa Liew Saechao, Outreach Coordinator
10. Johnson Saeteurn, Events & Entertainment Coordinator
11. Lo Saetern, Iu-Mien Community Services Advisor
12. Ah Sou Saechao, Design Coordinator
13. Lo Saephanh, Historian
14. Lee Saechao, IMSC Advisor
15. Kirstie Saechao, Committee Member
16. Tiffani Saechou, Committee Member
17. Kylie Chin, Committee Member
18. Sarn Saechao, Committee Member
19. Kao T. Saechao, Committee Member
20. Lai Saechao, Committee Member
21. Brenda Chao, Committee Member
22. Chelsie Saephan, Committee Member

IMSC XV - What Will Your LegaSAE Be?
Committee (2012-2013)
1. Crystal Meuy Saetern, Co-Chair
2. Fay Kouei Saechao, Co-Chair
3. Sarn C. Saechao, Student Program Co-Coordinator
4. Justin Saelee, Student Program Co-Coordinator
5. Tiffani Saechou, Student Program Co-Coordinator
6. Nai Sio Saechao, Funds Development Coordinator
7. Koy Saelee, Public Relations Coordinator
8. Erica Mae Corpuz, Outreach Coordinator
9. San (Brown) Saechao, Entertainment Coordinator
10. Jenny Saechao, Historian
11. Kao Saetern, Secretary
12. Suiying Saechao, Committee Member

IMSC XVI - S.A.E. You're Mien!
Committee (2013-2014)
1. Susun Saephanh, Co-Chair
2. Dolly Vang, Co-Chair
3. Nai Sio Saechao, Funds Development
4. Kae Saeteurn, Public Relations
5. Jenny Saechao, Student Program
6. Nai Saeteurn, Student Program
7. Anson Saechao, Student Program
8. Yoon Teurn, Public Relations
9. Ryan Saelee, Committee Member
10. Ou Saephanh, Committee Member
11. Nai C. Saechao, Committee Member


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