Iu-Mien Student Conference

Mission: The conference has a three-fold mission: to (1) empower youth to pursue higher education and/or explore career opportunities, (2) educate youth on the importance of preserving ethnic culture, and (3) inspire youth to become community leaders.

Purpose: The Iu-Mien Student Conference (IMSC) is a one-day conference providing Iu-Mien high school and middle school students with motivational guest speakers and interactive workshops that help them understand the importance of completing high school, going on to college, and embracing their cultural identity. Held on a college campus, it offers the students a vision of what their lives can be. In the last 17 years, IMSC has positively impacted the lives of over 10,000 youth. An estimated 7,000 former Iu-Mien student participants have gone on to college, expressed a heightened sense of pride in their ethnicity, and returned to IMSC as volunteer and/or planning committee members to demonstrate their commitment to the community.

18th Annual Iu-Mien Student Conference (IMSC 18)
Location: March 17, 2017 @ Sac State University Union
Time: 9 AM - 3 PM

Theme: SAE it Loud: Voices of Tomorrow

  1. College and Career
  2. Food and Culture
  3. Identity and Leadership

Reflections from IMSC 18 Students

  • “Even though I am Chinese, I got to learn some similarities of mine and the Mien culture. I also learned that even though we have many hardships that shouldn't stop us from chasing after what we want for our future.”- Alexandria Trinh, 9th grader from Hiram W. Johnson High School
  • “I think the college workshop gave very valuable info for college. The workshops helped me open up & find out who I am, & meet others.” – Melanie Thor, 10th grader from West Campus High School
  • “Meeting new people! Sharing my culture, getting inspired to do big things.” – Farm Saetern 10th grader from Hiram W. Johnson High School
  • “The people I met and talked to. Talking to the people from colleges helped me become less stressed for college.” – Vivian Saeteurn, 11th grader from West Campus High School
  • “How everyone was engaging and participated and were not left out. I also liked the encouragement facilitators said to us about life, college and future.” – Alina Nguyen 11th grader from West Campus High School
  • “EVERYTHING” – 12th grader from Hiram W. Johnson High School

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More information: IMSC History and IMSC Past Committees

Contact Information: iumienstudentconference (at) gmail (dot) com

2017 Scholarships
Health Achievement
Hero Artist

IMSC 18 Committee (2016-2017)
  1. Farm Saelee, Chair
  2. Stephanie Lee, Vice-Chair
  3. Nai Sio Saechao
  4. Kao Nyuan Saephanh
  5. Susun Saephanh
  6. Dolly Vang
  7. Sun Saechao
  8. Lily Saephan
  9. Andrew Saephan
  10. Melody Chao
  11. Justin Chao
  12. Justin Chau
  13. Michael Vu
  14. Brian Chu
  15. Crest Saechao